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I provide one to one and group supervision. I have experience in working with
mulit-disciplinary groups.

I believe that supervision is an integral part of social work practice. I am committed to supporting professionals to be the practitioners they want to be i.e. Professional, competent and safe.
I work to create a safe learning environment that fosters full and frank discussions to facilitate reflective practice.

I have an interest in utilising sand tray work as a vehicle for reflection.

In 2013 I attended training with Dr Russ Harris on Mindfulness. I now use mindfulness as a tool in supervision. I believe mindfulness can be an effective part of social work practice.

I also believe supervision is a great place to celebrate successes and that all our work experiences provide the opportunity for learning.

At the first session we would work together to complete a comprehensive contract that sets out the purpose of our work and how we will be together. This is an important part of the process to help establish an effective working relationship and for both parties to decide if we are a
“good fit”.

I have a personal & professional commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and strive to thread this throughout my practice.